Confocal Sensor

Check splined shafts in seconds

With the VICIVISION optical measurement and confocal combination, any operator can measure external profile, static, dynamic measurements, as well as splines.

Internal diameters, run-out and more.

VICIVISION Confocal Sensor

Measure the typical features of splined shafts with a single scan

Confocal system

Reduce inspection time by 95%.

  • Suitable for splines only
  • Acquires the entire profile within 8 to 10 seconds
  • Creates the spline profile, starting from the outer diameter, acquired with the camera (patented)
  • Repeatability within 5 microns
  • Ideal for splines with 60 – 80 micron tolerances
VICI Confocal system


  • M614 Techno
  • M618 techno
  • M914 Techno
  • M918 Techno
  • M1214 Techno
  • M1218 Techno