Dental Implants and Biomedical

Optical Measurement for Dental Screws, Biomedical, and Micromechanical Parts.

A Clear-cut Solution for Dental Implantology and Biomedical Technology.

The high resolution, one of a kind in its category, detects even the smallest details
Its direct access design facilitates loading and unloading of the most difficult to manage pieces.
No openings or undercuts means that small parts can be easily retrieved if they fall during operation.


MTL X5 is the optical measuring machine specific for components of micromechanical systems: for the dental sector, the biomedical and watches, screws for eyeglasses and other elements extremely minutes because it allows you to check the external profile also details extremely small thanks to its measuring range of
16×100 mm detected by advanced optics with pixel 4×4 microns.

The machine performs the measure on the real image of the workpiece strongly enlarged in order to obtain measures of lengths, diameters, angles, radii, bevels, threads even for the smallest details without the uncertainty of manual measurements and with the advantage of automatic control, extremely fast, accurate and objective.

Through a system of rotation of the workpiece, moreover, allows the measurement of defects in the form.

Data Collection

All the data obtained are collected by the system and output statistical and traceable result, in order to obtain measurement reports and monitor the trend of the production.

It is distinguished for the extreme efficiency in measuring complex components such as implants straight and tapered, pillars, abutments, extenders, exhaust hoods, cover screws, attacks to ball and pins in titanium.

Cutting-edge software

The brand new MTL 8.10 version is designed to improve the control phase and further extend the number of possible measurements. It includes specific tools for static and dynamic measurements, and dedicated tools for threads nuts, camshafts, turbines, etc.

Advanced software features

New automatic features help the operator to get measurements: self-programming, automatic loading of the part program, step by step assisted programming, DXF comparison.

Measurements report

The software allows the operator to print or export complete and custom pdf measurement reports. Results of measurements on histograms for immediate consultation.