Applications: Turbines

Optical Measurement for ther Rapid Control of Each Type of Turbine

Accurate, Repeatable, Reliable Turbine Measurement

The VICIVISION TECHNO series allows for detecting every detail of turbines with or without a stem. The design with direct access to the piece ensures maximum ease of loading and the fairing completely made of metal offers the right protection from free oil in the environment. The position of the vertical piece ensures ease of loading also for turbines of large size whether you are using tailstock cone rather than chucks or cusps cone negative.

Affirm quality in your production and improve the efficiency of your manufacturing processes by eliminating unavoidable errors, often made using time-consuming conventional methods.

Conducting all measurement tasks with a single tool allows improved time-efficiency, reduced manpower and above all, increased accuracy. Its ergonomic design includes a unique open front, meaning the Ergon facilitates easy manual loading and unloading of the largest and heaviest parts.



The TECHNO series is equipped with double compensation system of temperature for the diameters and lengths, that allows operating in a workshop environment.

With TECHNO you have the ability to measure the position of the known diameter, dynamically, on the impeller with a rapidity unthinkable only a short time ago, also thanks to the speed of rotation of up to 3 turns per second.

The upper tailstock top slides on prismatic guides with recirculating and a counterweight to ensure maximum precision and smoothness in time. The movement of the upper tailstock top is obtained by rack and pinion for maximum accuracy in the phases of approaching to the part to be clamped.

Also, you can detect lengths, diameters, angles, rays and have a comparison of the external profile with a DXF file.

Data Collection

All data obtained are collected by the system for purposes statistical and traceable, to produce results of measurement and monitor the trend of production.

Increased Production

• Inspections in a matter of seconds, programs in just minutes

• Operators are more independent during inspection.

Measurement Reports

• Measurement is not influenced by manual intervention.

• It allows to set tool offset before values are out of tolerance.

Cutting-edge software

The brand new MTL 8.10 version is designed to improve the control phase and further extend the number of possible measurements. It includes specific tools for static and dynamic measurements, and dedicated tools for threads nuts, camshafts, turbines, etc.

Advanced software features

New automatic features help the operator to get measurements: self-programming, automatic loading of the part program, step by step assisted programming, DXF comparison.

Measurements report

The software allows the operator to print or export complete and custom pdf measurement reports. Results of measurements on histograms for immediate consultation.